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CREATIVES: Blake Kathryn, Bloo Woods, Peter Tarka
ROLE: 3D Animation, Rendering

CLIENT: Porsche

Building upon the dream of how Porsche began, H+ Artists Blake Kathryn, Bloo Woods and Peter Tarka offered their incredible talents for the luxury car brand's all-electric Taycan model in a variety of futuristic environments.


Presented across various mediums for a massive, international campaign, H+ Artists work was featured on digital banners, outdoor wallscapes and 3D billboards, each animation uniquely demonstrating how our dreams keep driving us forward.

Production event


CREATIVES: Blake Kathryn, Jason Ebeyer, Aeforia
ROLE: 3D Rendering


PRODUCER: H+ Creative

H+ Creative showcased ethereal visuals on stage with the legendary Lil Nas X throughout his Long Live Montero World Tour. Comprised of 29 shows, the Long Live Montero Tour features visually stunning backdrops from H+ Artists Blake Kathryn, Jason Ebeyer, and Aeforia, with additional art direction for the duration of the tour.


H+ Artist visualizers for Lil Nas X transported the audience to a vibrant, visually striking world that perfectly complemented his pop forward music.

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