Creative Consulting / Career Development Package 14 day Creative Kit 



1 Hour All-Purpose Consults, PLUS additional 1 hour consult focusing on client outreach and promo kit development  


Key notes, industry standards and guided direction for you to focus on for you to reference at any point in the future.

Brief list of potential contacts for outreach, online sources, sites and recommendations

Sample 1 page Promo Kits and outreach emails for sending out as a client presentations

Self exploration lists and reference points that we recommend for all freelance creatives

Development Outline featuring industry standards and key guidelines of what to do and what not to do

Refinement or composition of, written materials – bio, about or artist statement


*Creation of a 4 page Artist Presentation Deck

*Composition of intro letter for initial Client introduction and engagement

*Targeted contact list consultation & creation and industry ‘Creative Source’ list, customized for your goals

*Customized list of at least 1000 Agency and industry email contacts for you to use for personal marketing


ALL packages include a feature on H+ Stories as ‘artists to watch’ shown to our 20K+ creative followers and a gifted package of our own promotional artist kits and materials sent to you via mail!