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So, all this made me to attend my first PL/SQL Developer Certification and share with you my experience in it. The PL/SQL Developer Certification is based on PL/SQL Developer version 4.2.1. It focuses on the following Oracle databases versions: 11g, 12c and 13: Some of you might ask what is PL/SQL Developer, is it a BI solution, a PL/SQL IDE, a PL/SQL syntax highlighting, a SQL Developer, a PL/SQL grammar checking tool etc.. PL/SQL Developer is a IDE based on Oracle's Enterprise PL/SQL Developer technology. It is a PL/SQL IDE focusing on ease of use, code quality and productivity. It includes the following features: PL/SQL designer. Database designer. Interactive Database. SQL editor. PL/SQL syntax highlighting. SQL refactoring. PL/SQL code generation. PL/SQL code and procedure navigation. PL/SQL debugger. Support for XHTML and CSS. Support for Git and Subversion. It's a true PL/SQL IDE designed for development. It includes more than 30 features. It's a feature rich tool. It is compatible with the latest Oracle versions including Oracle's Enterprise PL/SQL Developer. In case you are using Oracle's Enterprise PL/SQL Developer then just go to Help → Oracle PL/SQL Developer → About and you will see that PL/SQL Developer is listed as "PL/SQL Developer" (I am using Oracle PL/SQL Developer version 4.2.1). So, before you can use PL/SQL Developer you have to uninstall PL/SQL Developer. To uninstall PL/SQL Developer you can use the following command in terminal: UNINSTALL PL/SQL Please make sure you close all of your Oracle instances before you uninstall PL/SQL Developer. For more information you can refer to this article. You can find the PL/SQL Developer Certification exam on this page. As PL/SQL Developer focus on ease of use, code quality and productivity, it is a valuable tool for the Oracle application developer. So, if you are a PL/SQL developer or a PL/SQL Developer we encourage you to take it. You will take four tests in the PL/SQL Developer Certification. The first is a multiple choice test that contains 90 questions and 30 minutes to finish the test.



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