H+ Creative Now Represents: DUSK

September 27, 2017

DUSK is a young, multifaceted design outlet based in London. Taking an energetic approach to design by exploring a variety of styles and disciplines, allows DUSK to deliver work that is fresh and engaging.


H+: Two of the main things your pieces have in common are typography, and the materials that type is made out of. When you begin designing a project, which comes first and why?

D: This varies from project to project, sometimes the materials and concept dictate the type and message, and other times the type or phrase dictates the materials. It's always a goal to try and get a complimentary balance between the typography and the materials of a scene, with each enhancing the overall message and feeling.


H+: What are three words you would use to describe your style?
D: Playful, Dynamic, Multifaceted 


H+: I love the name DUSK for a design studio; where did that name originate from, and what does it mean to your brand?

D: The term comes from that golden time where it's not quite the end of the day yet, but it's also not night either. It's the time of day where light and dark meet in the middle of the horizon and you're treated to nature's colourful crescendo as it washes across the sky. DUSK's aims to embody this feeling in its work; not wanting to be day or night, black or white, but that short burst of vibrant colour that exists somewhere in between.


H+: Each of your images seems to revolve around one or two words. What is DUSK studios favorite word, and why?

D: Probably Bedlam - it's a British and very much local London word that describes pandemonium, disorder and chaos. Its origins come from a notorious criminal psychiatric hospital that existed in London back in the 1300's.


H+: As artists, we take inspiration from things we love. What’s something that you love, and how has it influenced your work?

Movies and Cinema are big influence and have been the inspiration and topics of homage in a number of projects in the portfolio. When working in CGI a lot can be learned from watching movies in terms of lighting and mood, as well as compositions and framing.

View more of DUSK's work on his H+ page.


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