May 29, 2019

Meet Anthony Rosati! Anthony graduated in Milan, Italy as a Media Designer, and later started to focus on his artistic career in 2015 as Motion Designer. From the beginning of his career, he has focused on channeling his talent and creativity into meaningful and powerful results. He is also the 3D Editor of No Future Magazine. 



H+: What advice would you give to people that look up to you or are interested in beginning to use 3D programs/motion?


AR: It's an incredible and a macro world, there is no limit.


My first approach was at uni, then I've started like everyone else just playing at first, watching tutorials, especially from GreyscaleGorilla. They are amazing. So my advice would be to explore as much as possible and obviously to do a lot of visual research.




H+: What is your ideal workspace environment?


AR: Where there is good WIFI, a chair and a cup of tea.




H+: What are you currently listening to or do you listen to music while you are working?


AR: I do, I listen to a lot of Limp Bitzkit, Bring me the Horizon and Post Malone




H+: What inspires your aesthetic?


AR: The Impossible, the things around me and shiny stuff 




H+: How long does it normally take you to make a piece?


AR: It depends from the idea, sometimes a couple of hours and sometimes weeks




H+:  Who are your biggest inspirations? 


AR: Mostly from Avant-garde, but also from other designers like Mike Diva or Siskaenota




H+: Why did you choose digital art as your medium?


AR: Because there is no limit and you need just few softwares to express yourself




H+: Who would your dream project be with?


AR: I'm always been fascinated by the crazy Japanese commercials, maybe one day I would like to create a commercial in that style. But If I have to name some artist, I'll say for sure:

Limp Bizkit, Bring me the Horizon, and Post Malone




H+: If you could see your art anywhere in the world, where would it be? 


AR: Probably on some fashion garments, maybe one day with a collaboration




H+: Tell us about No Future Magazine and your work with them


AR: We started this project one year ago because we were unsatisfied with the fashion magazine market, so we foundED a new one close to unusual designers and to people with a "punk" attitude. I'm handling a section that talks about the 3D world, writing articles and interviews but also creating content for the website and the printed issue. 



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