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Marti Serra, known as DSORDER, is an art director, illustrator, and graphic designer based in Barcelona Spain. Serra conceptualizes, experiments, and mixes different techniques, from artisanal to digital, ultimately exploring artistic disciplines based on clientele direction. Within his personal crafts, he enjoys chromatic textures, fluids, and compositions inspired by 80s and 90s airbrushing process and aesthetic. We chat with Marti about his origins in art, his influences, and more:


H+: You have an impressive set of clientele you’ve worked for, could you share with us your favorite project and what it meant to you?


D: I have been fortunate enough to work with some name brands, interesting clients and commercial things, and some independent projects. For me, it's important to develop the entire creativity process, from concept to final art. And normally that is sometimes difficult with big brands. That is why I love the work done for He-art label. 


For me this project is interesting because it has all the requirements of the what, how and why...


This is a series of album covers for his collection where the layers of the earth are represented abstractly in each one, and an interesting process to generate them, where we picked up the music, and while it was playing through the loudspeaker, it went through a tube and a membrane where the vibrations created shapes with the paint that we had put on the membrane, a way of representing music in an image.


The process for me is interesting because it is a plastic process and very direct gathering music and visual art.


H+: What is the idea behind the name ‘DSORDER’ and how did you come up with it?


D: DSORDER was created when I studied illustration and animation with a roommate, we created the brand to work in the audiovisual, illustration and design world, over the years we stopped working together, and after having won some competitions and recognition, it was difficult to decide change the name, so I was working with this same name until now.

Dsorder's name comes from a song by Joy Division.


The song has many interpretations, but at least for me it expresses a feeling, of being lost, of being different or not feeling comfortable in what surrounds Ian Curtis. It would be like a feeling of breaking the rules, of leaving the conventional, or with a spirit of revolution and misunderstanding of the world in where we live.


The topic of writing Dsorder instead of disorder, is a matter of simply removing the I, I guess it may sound stupid, is only to be unique and possible to register in that moment. hahaha, ughhhh



H+: Where does your fascination with type design & typography stem from?


D: I am not a typographer and I am not a calligrapher, I feel more artist and illustrator but the letters sometimes helps to illustrate the message.


When I use typography, I use it as an element to play between the illustration and a word or phrase, and it is interesting to write a word and with illustrative details to give it more emphasis or to play with each letter to convey something.


I like to move in a triangle between art, design, and illustration. All the elements that can join this are welcomed.


H+: How did living in Spain impact your art?


D: Barcelona has always been a city of inspiration for everyone, in the 92', we had the Olympic Games, I was a child but the city became the center of the world, and the city promotes culture, art, design...a good year for this sector.

We always had important artists, from painting, architecture, advertising, design. Salvador Dalí, Gaudi, Mariscal, Miguel Milà, Ricardo Bofill, Joan Miró…and I suppose that this makes Catalan culture always feel very identified with art, because they feel it’s theirs.


It is a city where we have good weather, where there is a lot of tourism, and since that year, art culture, bohemian areas have breathed, but unfortunately in recent years the city has changed a bit, and other cities in the world have learned to better respect the sector, promoting and educating and valuing artists well.



H+: What softwares or tools do you use to turn an idea into something physical?


D: I like the mix of different tools and techniques based on the concept. I like to think that the technique to execute the project is the best and necessary for that piece.


I use programs like Photoshop, Illustrator or 3D, mixed with artisan techniques. For me it is interesting to have different tools and experiment in the process with them to get a different finish.


H+: Could you imagine doing anything besides directing, illustrating, and designing?


D: I am a restless person, I like to always discover new things, and to experiment. That is why my works do not always have the same aesthetic, but I am looking for processes that motivate me, and feel that I learn in each project.


If you mean if I imagine dedicating myself to something else, well yes and no, I really believe that the people of the art world, be they musicians, artists, designers… they end up putting their work as a lifestyle, anything, time or situation It ends up leading you to reflect on things, and I suppose or sometimes I think that not everyone lives or feels their life in this way. So, on the one hand, for me it would be impossible to stop doing that, but on the other, just doing something else your mind feels more relaxed. I worked as a worker for 6 months in the last year, I stopped designing to clear my mind, because I felt tired of the artistic demand, and it went well for me for a time to live totally out this world, I managed to stay 4 months without open the computer without having to think about design, transmitting or creating something for someone, but mechanical work, a mental and emotional reset. It was interesting, but I always missed my job.



H+: What are some personal necessities (e.g. clean environment, cup of coffee, etc…) you require prior to starting a project?


D: For me it’s important to have an organized work space. Times to clear the mind, and moments to reflect on the project without having the pressure of being locked somewhere. Actually I share my ideas with some friends in the sector, to see their point of view, and I think that it helps a lot to finally be able to make decisions if you have any doubts about where to work. But always I need start with a brainstorming with ideas and concepts to join them together and create an union to start developing the piece



H+: Name a novel, film, or music artist that has inspired your work.


D: This is a difficult question for me, I listen to a lot of music, and I always loved cinema. I think is wonderful to move to another world during the time when you are submerged in a film or in a song. 

I love atmospheric music, which transports you to another space, also progressive post rock where it takes you down a path, but I listen to everything from Arcade Fire, Radiohead, The Shins, Placebo, Mogway to bands like Maribou State, Nils Frahm, Hushed, Ben Lukas Boysen, Go Go Penguin, Sigur Ros …


Each song has its moment.


And in movies, I like Danny Boyle, Darren Aranofsky, David Lynch, Kubrick … but I think it is impossible for me to choose only one movie.

H+: Was art & graphics always an interest for you? If not, how did you develop your sense of style?


D: Since I was a child I always had artistic and creative concerns. I studied artistic bachillerato in Barcelona and there I discovered different disciplines. I have always been interested in many disciplines and the mix between them, and then I had to decide what to study and I studied illustration and animation. When I finish study, I started working in design companies, and that's where I understood the process when working, until I realized that I felt much more comfortable creating my own things, having artistic freedom and creating what that I wanted and developed in my head, I never felt comfortable in agencies, but they helped me a lot to learn and have experience.



H+: How do you feel your work best reflects you as an artist?


D: Honestly whenever I create something I have a mountain of ascent and descent, at the beginning I develop the concept no matter how small it is. Then I arrived in a state of climax where I think that is wonderful, but after a few days I feel that this has already lagged and that it could have improved, but the important thing is the process, in the middle of that where always brings you new things and new learning.


My work is very varied, and if it is true that it usually has many colors, which is curious because I always wear black clothing, jajaja a fun contrast between my work and myself. It is possible that all the color, comes from the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s, where I feel really identified at that time, because I think that the mind of those years is very different from now, there it seemed that everything was possible, where to imagine a future with cars flying, and the best thing about it is that they did not think about it but simply did it, they created it, prototypes, it was like a very futuristic and forward vision, where everything was possible.

I think that in the future I will develop something where it really reflects my being, I want to.


For more information on H+ Aritst DSORDER, visit his website and follow his socials!




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