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Jason Ebeyer's Tropical Coconut Paradise for Huda Beauty

With excitement following the announcement of the 'Glow Coco Hydrating Mist,' H+ Artist Jason Ebeyer brings to life a tropical-island essence in this digital campaign for Huda Beauty.

The scene shows off Ebeyer's attention to detail, with a digitally modeled Huda Kattan wearing a green dress and relaxing in paradise while using the brand's new spray. The coconut sensation is enhanced as the spray twirls in a free flowing movement and stands tall besides a waterfall of coconut water.

Jason does what he does best in substantially transporting the audience to mental getaways, and this animation falls nothing short of that.

Read the exclusive behind the scenes coverage by Cosmopolitan showcasing Jason's work:

For more information on Jason Ebeyer, visit his website and follow him on socials.

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