Coping with COVID-19: DSORDER

Marti Serra, known as DSORDER, is an art director, illustrator and a graphic designer. He likes to conceptualize, experiment and mix different techniques, from artisanal to digital, exploring different artistic disciplines according to the project requirements. We ask him questions on how he's been coping with COVID-19 and staying home:

H+: We love a good home office. Tell us about your workspace!

D: In recent years, I have shared a space in Barcelona, with important artists from the city. In confinement, I left the city, and moved to a small town on the Costa Brava. Beach beside nature. With COVID-19 happening, it would be safer and more comfortable for me to work. It’s a small apartment, where I can work alone and calmly.

H+: How does a daily practice of isolation and social distancing impact your working world?

D: Honestly, I think that artists and designers are used to working on our own, and personally I have not felt much of a difference, the only thing more complicated is collaborating with others, but video calling solves that.

H+: Now that we have limited access to nature and social settings, what do you do to exercise your brain and stay inspired?

D: Luckily in Catalonia / Spain, we have been able to leave home during the summer.

It is true that clearing the mind is good to remain inspired, but my work process is always the same in finding a solution for each project.

Different techniques, disciplines, or ways of representing can be used, but for me it is important to answer the three questions during the process so in the end it works well.

What, how and why, for me is a good solution when I lack inspiration.

It’s important to have a clear objective and visualize it, I think that makes everything easier.

H+: Have you discovered any hidden talents you can offer to potential clients looking for remote assistance?

D: I don't think I have discovered any hidden talents, but personally the quarantine has helped me to slow down. We live in a world where everything is fast-paced and sometimes, it’s good to slow down, reflect and make decisions on where we want to go.

H+: This has been an overwhelming and stressful time for so many people. Can you share some advice for coping while being a creative?

D: I did not feel stressed with the situation, in fact I could say that it has allowed me room to breathe, and the opportunity to experiment and practice new techniques in a more relaxed way.

Oftentimes, we don't have time to practice, or we do it on the fly. Taking things slowly for me has been a luxury.

H+: Everyone needs a solid playlist to listen to while staying on task. Name your favorite music to work to!

D: For work, I like to listen to calm music, with good vibrations, to get calm in the workspace. Atmospheric and ambient music without voices often makes me feel comfortable while I work.

For more information on DSORDER, visit his website and follow him on socials.



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