H+ Creative Welcomes Prateek Vatash to the Artist Roster

As H+ Creative continues to expand globally, we are proud and excited to announce our newest member to the artist roster, Prateek Vatash! Prateek is an artist and illustrator based in India. His work involves neon-infused visuals, often combining 3D and 2D mixed media elements inspired by retro aesthetics, the occult, video games, interior design, and architecture.

In his personal work, he enjoys playing with the idea of imperfections, bending rules of graphic design, and experimenting with new traditional and digital art techniques.  

He's worked for world-renown clients such as: Apple, Audi, Absolut, Adobe, McDonald's Australia, Fast Company Magazine and so much more!

In making his works of art, he can appreciate formats and mediums of all styles, whether that includes trying out new textures, different brushes, or whatever he desires to explore. Much of his word is done through Cinema4D, which is then touched up with Photoshop and Illustrator. Recently, he's dabbled into including Procreate in his workflow, allowing him to experiment with his work while on the go.

For more information on H+ Aritst Prateek Vatash, visit his website and follow his socials!




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