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Lift Off with Prateek Vatash for Hoppy Beverage Co.

Blastoff with Prateek Vatash in this retro-neon visual for Hoppy, a Japanese beer brand!

"The artist of May, Prateek Vatash, based in India, is known for his unique style of fusing 2D and 3D. His artwork comprises a wide range of styles, from typography to interior design. Prateek is an award-winning artist whose clientele includes Apple, MacDonald's and Adobe. His style is inspired by Japanese video games and anime.

In Artland’s work, he expressed, "a trip to deliver happiness to many people," depicting Hoppy rocket launching into the universe. Enjoy the world of SF retro and Hoppy!"

The vivid-multicolored beverage stands tall beyond the moonlit stars labeled with signature branding. TO THE MOON! The artwork was featured on HOPPY's art blog and included in their May 2021 Calendar!

For more information on H+ Artist, Prateek Vatash, visit his artist page!


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