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Izzy Lawrence is an illustrator and animator living and working in Newcastle, Australia / Awabakal Country. She attended the University of Newcastle where she received a Bachelor in Visual Communication Design.

Izzy is motivated by a love for playful creativity and a desire to collaborate with beautiful brands and individuals. Her work celebrates nature, food and fashion drawn in her dreamy, feel-good style.

H+: How did you first become interested in pursuing a career as an illustrator and artist?

Izzy Lawrence: I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I’ve been interested in a few different things but the pull towards art and drawing has always been overpowering, almost like it’s not even a choice. I started out working in motion graphics and would draw on my commutes to work. Over time I built a style and following that made moving to full time illustration an easy and natural progression.

H+: Can you describe your creative process when starting a new illustration or artwork?

Izzy Lawrence: Ideally I am able to take some time to clear my mind and meditate on the brief. I find when I am able to do this, many thoughts and ideas flow to me organically. Sometimes I can see the final image before I start drawing, so it then becomes a process of realizing what’s in my mind. Other times it’s a matter of just getting started and getting something on the page then iterating until it feels balanced and right.

H+: How do you stay organized and manage your time as a freelance illustrator and artist?

Izzy Lawrence: I’m still learning. Setting boundaries in my personal life has been essential and I’ve learnt to block aside big chunks of ‘do not disturb’ time. I find that scheduling time to work on personal projects and passion projects is also essential for motivation and spirit. Practically I use notion, google workspace, notes and reminders to stay on top of things as much as possible.

H+: What influences and inspirations do you draw upon in your work?

Izzy Lawrence: I am very inspired by what I see around me everyday. This changes depending on where I am living and what I am doing with my time. Currently I’m living on the coast of Australia, which means sparkly oceans, twinkling skies, big bright moons, greens, blues and sunset hues. I’m also fascinated by fashion and glamour and love great food and wine, so naturally these all feature too. Meditation is an important part of my life and I would say this practice has had a significant impact on what and how I create.

H+: How do you balance incorporating your own personal style into commissioned work?

Izzy Lawrence: My personal style is so ingrained at this point that I find I don’t need to think too much about the balance. I always focus on the brief and what the client is hoping to achieve and trust that my style will inevitably come through in the final piece.

H+: What do you hope people feel or take away from your art?

Izzy Lawrence: I have always hoped that my art is a source of joy and inspiration. I hope that when people step into my world they feel peaceful and a little whimsical, like everything is okay and anything is possible.

H+: How do you handle creative blocks or setbacks in your work?

Izzy Lawrence: Creative blocks are simultaneously the toughest and most satisfying part of the job. Whenever I find myself blocked I trust that I am about to learn a lesson that will strengthen my practice. I’ve found one of the most effective ways to handle creative blocks is to step away and do something completely different, maybe jumping in the ocean, going for a bush walk or trying to cook something new. Conversations with friends are great too. Anything that can give a new fresh perspective. Sometimes the only way through a block is to go back to the drawing board and iterate, iterate, iterate until something clicks into place.

H+: How has your style and approach to art evolved over time?

Izzy Lawrence: Over time I would say my approach to art has become less rigid. Starting out I was focused on finding and honing a unique visual look. Now I have a stylistic toolkit which sets out a framework to work within. Paradoxically having these limits gives me the freedom to explore all sorts of ideas both literal and conceptual. I’ve learnt the language of my style and it’s become second nature which is a beautiful feeling and means I’m free to focus on ideas both literal and conceptual.

H+: How do you stay motivated and continue to challenge yourself creatively?

Izzy Lawrence: Motivation is one of my favorite topics. For me my innate motivation ebbs and flows and I think it’s important to respect these seasons. Sometimes you just need to get the job done though and I find time in nature, long distance running and meditation all help to rekindle a little creative flame. To be honest, often it comes down to a bit of grit. I try to draw everyday to keep those creative muscles strong and flexible.

H+: What advice would you give to aspiring illustrators and artists?

Izzy Lawrence: My advice would be to not pay too much attention to what other artists are doing. Definitely show support and offer praise, but don’t compare. Practice everyday and decide for yourself what looks and feels good. It’s amazing what you can come up with when you trust yourself!

H+: Do you have a favorite medium to work with? If so, why?

Izzy Lawrence: I love illustrating digitally in Procreate or Photoshop. The creation still feels tangible and organic but working digitally offers so much flexibility and potential to edit across multiple programs. Sometimes I’ll draw something and suddenly have an idea for animation. Being able to seamlessly transfer digital illustrated files over to After Effects to animate makes the digital canvas feel infinite. There are also always updates and new technologies to experiment with.

H+: Can you discuss your experience working with clients and fulfilling their artistic vision?

Izzy Lawrence: Personally I love working with a good brief. It’s the ultimate prompt. When a client is clear on what they are hoping to achieve, it’s satisfying being the one to bring this to life for them. I also find that in the process I’m pushed to expand my style and practice in ways I may not on my own.

For more information on Izzy Lawrence visit her artist page!


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