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Surrealism in Outer Space: Welcoming to the H+ Artist Roster, MSBJQ

H+ Creative is stoked to welcome the newest member to our vibrant roster, MSBJQ! MBSJQ is a digital artist based in United Kingdom. Known for his obsession of vibrant colors, outer space & surrealism. He focuses his art on creating progressive, compelling and futuristic compositions.

Studio–JQ is lead by Jonathan Quintin – he has created inspirational work at the world’s top design studios for clients including Aon/Manchester United, Auto Trader UK, Bosch, Google, Intel, Mitsubishi Motors, Moscow Raceway, NASCAR, NBC Sports Network, Tommy Hilfiger/Rafa Nadal, Uber, Rockstar Energy Drink, The Co-operative and VMware.

For more information on H+ Aritst MSBJQ, visit his website and follow his socials!


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