Warp Into Hyperspace with FVCKRENDER for New Retro Wave

NewRetroWave is a network dedicated to promoting music in the emerging Retrowave scene, a growing culture that harnesses and creates many aspects, inspirations and feelings from 80's and 90's music, art and film for today's generation.

FVCKRENDER teamed up with NRW artist, DRYVE, to create album art for their debut album and animating a visualiser for their track 'MIRRORS'. The scene takes us to a hyper-futuristic warp speed like surrounding, mesmerized by circuits through a scratched surface reflectant tunnel. 

Frederick has previously worked with another artist from NRW by the name of DJ TEN for their 'Gamble' visualizer; this time doing a lyric visualizer. The scene is in the same retrowave-like theme, showing a cybertronic figure posed on the floor as the camera pans throughout it's glowing features. The scene then warps us through a hyperspace drive through miscellaneous neon signs.

For more information on FVCKRENDER, visit his artist page and follow him on Instagram.