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CREATIVES: VIZIE, Vasya Kolotusha

Digital Collectible Platform: Voice
ROLE: Digital Illustration

PRODUCER: H+ Creative

Applebee's is the latest restaurant to join the digital collectible craze, releasing ‘Metaverse Meal’ as part of their ‘Metaverse Monday,’ allowing collectors and customers to purchase a new menu-inspired design every Monday. 

VIZIE's 'Meateors' was the second Metaverse Meal in the collection, allowing the auction winner and first owner to receive free wings IRL for a year at Applebee’s!

Vasya Kolotusha ''Chromatic Feast' as the third installment of Applebee’s Metaverse Meal Collection, the auction winner and first owner of this piece will be able to receive a free steak meal for a year IRL at Applebee’s!

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