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CREATIVES: VIZIE, Vasya Kolotusha

NFT Platform: Voice
ROLE: Digital Illustration

PRODUCER: H+ Creative

Applebee's is the latest restaurant to join the NFT craze, releasing ‘Metaverse Meal’ NFTs as part of their ‘Metaverse Monday,’ allowing collectors and customers to purchase a new menu-inspired NFT design every Monday. 

VIZIE's 'Meateors' was the second Metaverse Meal in the collection, allowing the auction winner and first NFT owner to receive free wings IRL for a year at Applebee’s!

Vasya Kolotusha ''Chromatic Feast' as the third installment of Applebee’s Metaverse Meal Collection, the auction winner and first NFT owner of this piece will be able to receive a free steak meal for a year IRL at Applebee’s!

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