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H+ Creative Team

A boss of the books! Caroline handles all incoming and outgoing matters between clients and artists. She's quick and consistent and works to keep this whole thing functioning. We truly wouldn't be able to manage without her, and we're forever grateful of how she works the numbers. 

Covering assets for social promotions, video content and projects, Justin arranges and organizes all work done by artists in share worth formats across all platforms. This is a role of various hats including design, content development and light administrative duties. 

As founder and director of H+ Creative, Hannah Stouffer is the powerhouse behind the studio. Her curatorial expertise and history as a visual artist and has guided the direction and talent of the agency. She has built up an incredible roster of artists, while supporting new collaborations and facilitating partnerships worldwide.

From assisting in project management to scheduling our social promotions and assets, Elsa keeps things in working order. Her background in social media marketing, hands on gallery work, and all things creative makes her a valuable asset to the H+ Creative team.

With a heavy hand in client communications, assisting with the workflow from our dynamic roster, and the backend muscle of our events and exhibitions, Christian is our very own part-man-part-machine. He is endlessly capable of handling anything thown his way.

The H+ internship program accepts applications on a quarterly basis for short term opportunities to learn valuable experience working directly with the team in Los Angeles. Internships offer credit based chances to understand some of the internal workings of running a creative agency. For more info email us directly!

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