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H+ Creative Team

Covering all social assets for

social promotions and projects, Justin arranges and organizes all work done by artists in share worth formats across all platforms.

Founder Hannah Stouffer's history in both commercial illustration and fine art has guided the direction and talent of the agnecy. She is responsibile for all things H+ Creative, leading the team and roster of artists to all future endeavors.

With a background in social media marketing, hands on gallery work, and all things creative, she's got level to her expertise. From assisting in project management to scheduling our social promotions and assets, Elsa keeps things in working order.

We're always accepting submissions for our internship program, here in

Los Angeles. If you're interested in applying or hearing more, feel free to shoot us an email. Please include a current resume and link to your work. We'll look forward to hearing from you.

Part creative genius, full-time futurist, Christian handles all things crypto related. We have a heavy hand in client and commissioned digital assets, as well as exhibitions of digital work.

She's got the number game on lock. For all account related needs and inquiries, Caroline is the one to call. She handles all incoming and outgoing accounts, working with the H+ Family of creatives and our amazing client base as well.

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