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CREATIVE: Smeccea, FVCKRENDER, Render Fruit & Prateek Vatash

CLIENT: Sphere Las Vegas
ROLE: Animation

XO/Art is showcasing the work of H+ Creative artists on the world's largest, most technologically advanced canvas, The Sphere in Las Vegas. Smeccea debuts her floral masterpiece, 'Coral Mirage,' an enchanting creation that masterfully blends fantasy with reality, inspired by the depths of nature's beauty. Prateek Vatash captivates with his mesmerizing piece 'Apparatus.' Render Fruit's 'Mercury' embodies her ethos and transports us visually and emotionally to a world outside of our own. Fvckrender's 'Back In Time' explores the boundaries of space, time, and artistic expression.

"Nature's beauty blooms on Sphere in Las Vegas, where art and technology dance in harmony. Explore the fall floral motifs and sky reflections in this ethereal animation."


ROLE: Animation

"As a natively digital artist, my goal has always been to push the limits of how expansively people can experience my art. Witnessing what Sphere has achieved is extremely inspiring for artists like myself. It is a genuine honor to collaborate with them, showcase my art, and contribute to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the realm of art and for artists."

CREATIVE: Fvckrender
ROLE: Animation

"Getting to work on the Sphere is an absolute delight and an honor. The opportunity the see my work come to life on the exosphere is nothing short of amazing. The display is revolutionary and one-of-a-kind, providing a canvas of a scale and dimension that was beyond imagination in the past, and it really pushes the boundaries of technology and creativity."

CREATIVE: Prateek Vatash
ROLE: Animation

Making art is emotional alchemy, a surrender to the process of discovery while navigating the mist of your internal landscapes.

CREATIVE: Render Fruit
ROLE: Animation

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