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Bright Moments NFT Panel & Exhibition

CREATIVES: Blake Kathryn, Jason Ebeyer, MBSJQ, Post Wook, Render Fruit, Prateek Vatash, Paulina Almira, Brellias, Spizak, Bloo Woods, Switzon Wigfall III, Christian Holland, TillaVision, Kyle Goodrich, Nina Hawkins

NFT Platform: Bright Moments

Our friends at Bright Moments Gallery in Venice Beach teamed up with us to present an NFT panel and exhibition. The two-part event featured Director / Founder, Hannah Stouffer and friends discussing the development of art in the NFT world and an exclusive exhibition from H+ artists.

​CREATIVE: Jason Ebeyer, Tillavision, Paulina Almira, Subholland, RENDERFRUIT

ROLE: 3D Modeling, Animation