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CREATIVES: Brellias, George Baramatis, Nickeays, Subholland, Vincent Viriot, Blake Kathryn, Jon Noorlander, Too Much Lag
ROLES: 3D Animation, Visuals, Rendering, AR

PRODUCER: H+ Creative

H+ Creative came in hot for this year's Coachella 2022 Music Festival in Indio, California. From complete visual sets at Tchami to full-on virtual immersive experiences in the HP Dome, you couldn't escape the presence we had at this year's annual festival. 

Prateek Vatash introduced a whole new way to enjoy Coachella, by creating visual effects for augmented reality, only useable while being at the festival. 


Brellias, George Baramatis, Subholland, & Vincent Viriot were responsible for creating the animations used for Tchami's 2022 Coachella Set. With each artist contributing their unique style and technique, this is a once in a lifetime set to experience.

Blake Kathryn, TooMuchLag, and Jon Noorlander teamed up with an incredible lineup of artists to provide visuals for this year's 'Antarctic' themed dome experience, supported by music from Odesza. The entire immersive experience was put for auction through NFT platform FTX US and traded for $145,000!

CREATIVES: Brellias, George Baramatis, Nickeays, Subholland, Vincent Viriot
ROLE: 3D Animation, Visuals

CLIENT: Tchami

CREATIVES: Blake Kathryn, TooMuchLag, Jon Noorlander
ROLE: 3D Animation


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