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MBSJQ & Blake Kathryn celebrated the legend, Freddie Mercury's, 75th Birthday by creating several composition highlighting his 'Never Boring' persona. Following the theme of Mercury's words, "...just never make me boring." Blake Kathryn presented a glamorous piano, iconic to the king's image. The environment showcases a beautiful scenic dreamscape where Freddie Mercury himself could be playing at this very moment. The artists were inspired to create without any boundaries to his creativity.

Blake Kathryn

I found Freddie beyond admirable in the confidence he had in living his life truthfully. It was infectious and impossible for fans and onlookers to not feel inspired as well. His evolution as an artist is equally fascinating to see, as he translated different eras of his life through an ever-evolving progression in his songwriting and voice. It's an intimate process to listen through the chapters of his life.


My favourite thing about Freddie was the fact he was just himself. AND PROUD OF IT. He was never scared to push the boundaries and this is how I can relate to him. If you are given a gift you must embrace it and share it with the world for all to enjoy. The Freddie Mercury collaboration was the perfect fit for MBSJQ with the inclusion of vibrant colours and fantasy like was a joy to bring my style of art to the memory of the legend himself.


ROLE: 3D Modeling, Animation

CREATIVES: Blake Kathryn

ROLE: 3D Modeling, Animation

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