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CREATIVES: SMECCEA, Blunt Action, Bloo Woods

ROLE: 3D Modeling, Animation, & Digital Illustration


As a part of the Genesis GV70 promotional campaign, H+ Creative Artists SMECCEA & Blunt Action teamed up with Genesis USA for their artist series. Genesis will be dropping new content weekly, showcasing the sports sedan in each of the artists' style.

Taking the all-new sports sedan through majestic worlds, SMECCEA takes a drive through grandiloquent landscapes in her animations for Genesis. The G70 is rendered cruising throughout floral environments, glacial summits, and burning wastelands, places of which can only be envisioned by the artist herself. 

Multimedia Production Studio, Blunt Action presented the GV70 in euphoric multicolored worlds. From galactic space conquests to tropical realms, Blunt Action utilizes pure imaginative worlds to showcase the sports sedan. 

Bloo Woods reinvented the capabilities of the new Genesis sports sedan, taking it to the sky in his futuristic renders for the brand. The animations present limitless examples of our exemplary H+ Creative talents.