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H+ Creative Book

AUTHOR: Hannah Stouffer


Step into a mesmerizing realm of contemporary artistry with 'Reflections of the Infinite' by H+ CREATIVE. Curated by founder Hannah Stouffer, this limited edition art book showcases over 100 pages of groundbreaking works from H+ Creative artists and collaborators.


"This book stands as a tribute to the vanguards of this new era and the artists who navigate the vast unknown. They defy conventions and expand the horizons of what is achievable their visions of the current future.

‘Reflections of the Infinite’ is a testament to the artists I’ve had the privilege of supporting since H+ Creative’s inception in 2015. This is a compilation of talents that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with since establishing the studio, and am proud to call my creative family. It’s a selection of artists who’s work I feel heavily drawn to and am honored to showcase in every avenue available.

This is an ode to those artists expanding the boundaries of perception, defining this new reflection of reality and challenging existing limitations; this is the work of H+ Creative."


- Hannah Stouffer, Founder H+ Creative

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