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AGENCY: Droga5

CLIENT: Instagram / Facebook

CREATIVE: Blake Kathryn & Brian Kaspr
ROLE: 3D Animation, Typography

PRODUCER: H+ Creative

H+ Artists Blake Kathryn, Vincent Viriot, and Brian Kaspr were all selected to collaborate and create work for an Instagram campaign with agency Droga5. Blake created an ice cream animation to showcase Instagram Stories "Poll" feature, Vincent created an item blob animation to illustrate that you can sell anything in a Stories ad, and Brian created hand-lettering and type for both works.

"Facebook, with Droga5, rolled out a multichannel campaign, "Stories Can Do It," to coincide with Advertising Week New York that's running across social, digital, billboards, email, live events, subway signage and more, designed to spotlight the positive effect Stories has on society. The campaign includes a dedicated site for advertisers on how to make best use of the feature and a collaboration with Sean Casey Animal Rescue on Instagram that features Stories about rescue dogs geo-targeted toward New Yorkers to encourage adoption.


Stories has become the preferred way for people to share with friends, family, and followers. And right now, there are one billion of them being shared across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp around the world every single day1 - stories is where it all happens, and stories ads put your brand at the center of what matters."

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