CREATIVE: Martin Salfity
ROLE: 3D Illustration, Animation

H+ artist Martin Salfity created animated artwork and 3D graphics for branding and promotion of band Mind Against's international "All Night Long Tour". Starting this September in Milan at Tempio del Futuro Perduto, the Italian born, and Berlin-based duo Mind Against will kick-off their latest world tour. This tour will be a special one because the duo will play an all night long set during every stop. 


From ambient and IDM through their distinctive style of psychedelic and ethereal techno, Mind Against create a journey like no other. They’ll deliver 12 captivating experiences around the world, elevating the aesthetic and sonic production of the top-tier venues they selected. The locations will put an emphasis on intimate spaces and the dynamic connection between DJs and the crowd. The "All Night Long Tour" concludes in January 2020 in Brazil. 

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