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CREATIVES: Blake Kathryn, SMECCEA, MBSJQ, Vincent Viriot, Renderfruit, Peter Tarka, Jason Ebeyer
ROLE: 3D Animation, Rendering

PRODUCER: H+ Creative

Seattle's NFT Museum is the first in the Pacific Northwest to open a museum completely devoted to NFTs. H+ Creative artists showcased an array of talent during the museum's opening on January 14th, 2022, featuring Blake Kathryn's artist showcase and Q&A sessions with other artists and collectors.

“Recent times have pushed us to fully embrace 3D, digital platforms and all of the capabilities that go hand in hand with the future of visual media. It launched a digital revolution for all of the hard-working artists in the space while NFT platforms and spaces provided locations for them to thrive. I feel like it was a long time coming and the combination of elements and the times proved to be the perfect recipe for their success.”, 


Hannah Stouffer, Director at H+ Creative

CREATIVE: Blake Kathryn
ROLE: 3D Animation, Rendering