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CLIENT: World Wildlife Federation

ROLE: 3D Animation

David Oku was absolutely buzzing to be part of this project with the WWF and TBWA Paris. He teamed up to champion the 'umbrella species'—with a goal of preserving ecosystems and biodiversity. 'From these adorable nesting dolls to the coolest CGI adventures, we're on a mission to protect our planet and make it an absolute blast!' Their mission is to save threatened species and their habitats while preserving biodiversity.

But actually, what is an Umbrella Species?

We call an umbrella species a species whose territory is large enough for its protection to also ensure that of the other species that surround it. So, when the WWF protects the lynx or the elephant, it benefits “in turn” many other smaller or less known species, essential to the preservation of biodiversity. In short, an umbrella species helps avoid many… problems for other species!

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