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CREATIVE: Vincent Viriot

CLIENT: Xavier Knox
ROLE: 3D Animation, Creative Direction

PRODUCER: H+ Creative

It's no surprise when H+ Artist Vincent Viriot transcends the combination of music and visuals to entirely new heights. Viriot created two masterful pieces for Xavier Knox's songs, 'THANKFUL 4' and 'Cranberry Ice' 


'Cranberry Ice' comes from the feeling of losing control over your life is holding on to things and people that bring you positive thoughts (Cranberry ice) and limiting negative/sour (lemon) thoughts. 

'THANKFUL 4' is shines on an entirely different spectrum showcasing Viriot's clean excution of lighting, chains, snakes. The detail on the snake scale, shine on the barbed wire and chains are impeccable. 

The 'LONELY' visualizer exists years after human life, as the statues themselves are forming in depictions of human loneliness and dealing with various forms of abuse. The binary sides of the human race are sculpted with the intention of teaching future generations to treat their planet and each other better.

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