new york, new york

Blunt Action is a multimedia production studio based in New York City with a focus on art, programming, animation, game development, and mathematics. We combine elements of science, technology, history, futurism, our dreams, and the places we’ve traveled in a balanced way to evoke feelings of discovery and nostalgia. 

aitana basquiat

madrid, spain

Aitana Basquiat is 3D designer and artist from beautiful Spain with interests in painting, sculpture, and architecture, photography, cinema and music.  

Chi Michalski


Chi Michalski A.K.A. ChiChiLand is a Seattle (USA) based illustrator and art director. Inspired in equal part by nature, urban culture and folk art, she has an ongoing fascination with new media and experiential arts. In her works, Chi creates soft, happy worlds filled with characters and patterns that reflect her hope for a better world, where we live in harmony with nature and all living beings.