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 James Tralie

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James Tralie is a director, 3D artist and animator based in Washington, D.C. He works at the intersection of science and art to create dreamy, otherworldly scenes and immersive content. He excels at explaining complex scientific discoveries and concepts in the form of short, animated content. With his 3D design work, he constantly seeks to capture the confluence of the built and natural worlds through inviting, relaxing places and spaces. 

NASA, Lockheed Martin, MIT, Harvard, WNBA, Taco Bell, Facebook, University of Arizona, Apple, Fiji Water, Marriott, Adobe, Marshmello, Warner Music, Anjunadeep, Justin Wine, POM Wonderful, Wonderful Pistachios, Halos, Princeton University, Southwest Research Institute

Nissan USA, DixieAlternate Realities, MaskverseUtopian Paradise, Crypto Art Fair

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