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Welcome artist Victor Moatti to the H+ Creative family!

Victor Moatti is a French designer and illustrator from Paris. His work captures emotions of sensuality and mystery; each piece feels nostalgic while remaining new and futuristic.

What do you get when you mix two parts Christian Riese Lassen, one part X-Files, and a dash of Lisa Frank? The artwork of Victor Moatti. Victor is a French graphic designer and illustrator, living and working in Paris. His patterns and graphic work are enigmatic, yet still approachable and comforting. They are like the best parts of the wonderment of childhood, shifted slightly and drenched in soft colors. Victor’s otherworldly landscapes and repetitive themes will transport you directly to the ninth planet and beyond. Pinks, purples, and blues are a heavy inspiration in Victor’s work, helping to form his immediately recognizable style—which is unmistakably 80s. His aesthetic and use of curves and color create a feeling of sensuality in the spirit of Robert Blue and Patrick Nagel while staying unmistakably Victor Moatti. At a young age, Victor has accomplished a lot—boasting an impressive roaster of shows and clients. H+ Creative spoke to Victor about his upbringing in art, his unique style and plans for 2017. H+ Creative: For those who don’t know about you, please introduce yourself: Victor Moatti: I’m a 24-year-old French designer and illustrator based in Paris. I usually work with flashy colours and gradients for various projects from music to fashion. How did you get your start in the art world? I’ve always been attracted to images, from cinema, paintings, album art, etc. since I was kid. I was really bored in classic high school, so it was logical for me to pursue art school in Paris. These years were great to learn everything about graphic design and develop my style. Going freelance was kind of logical as I practice graphic design in the artistic side. [the next step] How long does it take for you to create a single work of art? It can take three hours or three days! I can spend hours working on details that will end up being useless. An illustration is finished when I’m completely satisfied with it. Knowing when to stop is the most difficult part, and most of the time staying simple is the key. Many of your pieces contain images of dolphins and whales—can you explain your fascination or attraction to sea life? You’re right. I think sea life is beautiful and has a wonderful potential in art! I’m also a big fan of Christian Lassen paintings, you know, the artist behind the cosmic-marine-world-space-tiger puzzles we use to do for hours as kids? Haha! Your projects are very cohesive—one can look a piece and know Victor Moatti created it. How long did it take you to develop your unique style? Thank you! I think I’ve developed my style with time, and it really started when I played with gradients, lights and shadows. I also want to be various in my works, while keeping my style. Currently, I work a lot on abstract compositions. I just want to allow myself more freedom on creations. What are you currently working on? I have my show this February in Paris. The opening was really great! Also, I just did the artwork for the new single of a French touch band called Bastion and an editorial illustration for Wired UK about astrophysics. And as always, I’m working on many personal creations. Do you have a dream client? I enjoy working on really different projects, from surreal landscapes in music, pattern design for textile to animated video clips... Every project is a new challenge, and I like to adapt my work to various products. If you weren’t a graphic designer, what would you be doing? That’s a good question…it would be something artistic for sure! I always think about doing electronic music too, but I’ll leave it to my friends. Visual things have more impact on me! How do you escape a creative funk—when the ideas just aren’t coming to you? Graphic art is like a drug for me. With creativity, some days are better than the others. I just take it has it comes. Taking a step back is important in order to have a good vision on your own work. Take a break; going out and taking a good breath are important too! Who has been the biggest influence on you as an artist? Do you have any art heroes? I have really diverse inspirations from past to present days like paintings, ads, old school video games. I’m in love with airbrush techniques, that’s something I like to transcribe in my works, but with digital and modern tools. I really love post 70s visionaries and cosmic art, with works of artists like Tim White or Gilbert Williams. But I also like modern studios and graphic designers like La Boca or Keith Rankin, for example. Any exciting plans for 2017? Yes! 2016 was an important year for me with commercial work. I’m currently spending more time on personals and shows—the future will decide! Maybe I’ll come to visit LA soon!

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