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ASK H+! Agent Advice from the Director!

You're curious and we've got answers!! For this weeks Agent Advice session, we're answering some of our most repeated questions, some things that everyone should know! No secrets here! READ BELOW

What does an artist agency like H+ look for in new talent? We are constantly seeking out new and exciting visual artists. We focus on those that are well-versed in client based work and are skilled in multiple mediums, especially motion, illustration and digital! How can I submit my work to be represented by H+? We always welcome submissions by way of a short and sweet professional email, with links to your portfolio site(s) and a brief description of past, client work or what you're currently working on! Please do not call or send attachments, and email Will H+ post my work on their IG? If we feel that the work is strong and fits out aesthetic, of course! We love sharing new talent! Feel free to tag us or send us a DM if you'd like to share! We're always open to post trades too! Do you offer any other services to artists? Yes! We do! H+ is here for you! Apart from the artists we represent, we offer career and consulting services for creatives looking to up their game. Feel free to email us for more info!

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