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H+ Creative Welcomes RENDER FRUIT to the Artist Roster!

Render Fruit is a digital 3D artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her art was exhibited at The Times Square, the Denver Clock Tower and she has a permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum of Moving Images (MoMI). Driven by inner thoughts and influenced by music, her art can be eerie, eclectic, multi-layered and surrealistic.

Since 2005, she works online making gifs, loops, music videos, lyric videos, visuals for live shows and visualizers for the music and fashion industry. She worked as a 3D sculptor and scene composer in VR projects and took part of exhibitions and artists panels.

Clara impressive clientele list include including Young Thug, Kodak Black, Miley Cyrus, Bring Me The Horizon, Jack Ü, Nike, MTV and Adult Swim, Oculus.

For more information on RENDER FRUIT, visit her artist page!


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