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Futuristic tech-digital artist Fvckrender is a self-taught creative working out of Montreal. With a defining affinity for sharp architectural geometry, beaming future landscapes and brilliant crystalline arrangements, his renders pay a dark homage to what may eventually reflect our very existence.

H+: We’ve heard that you’re a self-taught artist. When did that journey begin and how did you learn the techniques that you use today?

FVCKRENDER: Everything started when I was 17 years old. I had a friend, Dan Gaud, who was working in the movie industry, and I was so impressed with that. I really wanted to get into 3D, but I wasn't serious enough to really start doing it. 6 years later, I was working crazy hours in a restaurant, and I really enjoyed it, but felt that it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing. I remembered that when I was younger, I really wanted to do 3D stuff. While I was working 40-hour weeks, I would sit at the bar and watch tutorials before and after my shifts. I applied to school twice and was denied because I didn't get a college diploma (I quit school when I was 17 years old). So, I decided to teach myself through YouTube videos and online forums. I was basically waking up every day at 6am, doing 3D work until I had to go to work, and after my shift I would sit at the bar, grab a drink and watch tutorials until, eventually, I was finally able to quit my job to go full time freelance.

H+: Where did your fascination with science fiction begin?

FVCKRENDER: Science fiction always been a huge part of my life. My brother always took me to watch the Star Wars movies, and he always managed to get tickets for the premier, which was super dope. I remember when I was maybe eight years old, my dad and I were always on our balcony watching the stars and talking about aliens and UFO’s. It was a good time.

H+: Tell us a little bit about your decision to begin this 800-day project of consecutive designs.

FVCKRENDER: I started that project to get better at design and 3D art, and since I’m a bit of an extreme person, I needed a project like that. Releasing something every day helped me to finish projects, which is a skill that I really lack.

H+: On day 87 your piece is titled “there’s a gem in every piece of shit”. Do you think that this sentiment applies to people in addition to places and things?

FVCKRENDER: The meaning behind that one was that if you don’t like a someone, it’s good to remember that there’s always a reason behind the way that somebody acts.

H+: Is there any client that you would love to work with?

FVCKRENDER: There’s so many people I’d like to work with. I think most of the artists in the rap game, like Drake, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar, etc.., would be dope to work with. I just discovered an artist called NAO and I am so in love with her music.

H+: Elements of nature seem to consistently appear in your work. Do you have any favorite spots in Montreal where you go to observe the natural world?

FVCKRENDER: Yeah absolutely. I love taking my dog to the Mount-Royal. It’s a really tiny mountain, but the only full nature spot in Montreal, but there’s plenty of nice parks too. There’s big rocks with nice textures, and nice plants and flowers.

View more of FVCKRENDER's work on his H+ page!

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