Interview with Vasya Kolotusha X Standard Vision

Vasya Kolotusha is a Ukrainian digital illustrator and artist living in Cherkasy, Ukraine. Vasya’s neon-infused imagery explores themes of contemporary and fantasy culture in a carefully crafted style all his own.

Standard Vision: Are you inspired by any particular time periods in history?

Vasya Kolotusha: I really love Medieval Europe. When I have a chance I always draw some armor, gauntlets, daggers etc. I have a plenty of medieval helmets illustrated in different styles.

SV: Which projects make you the happiest to be working on?

Vasya: Probably it will be any project where I can use my ‘iridescent’ style.

SV: I read you majored in architecture. What made you pursue art and illustration instead?

Vasya: When I planned to enter university, architecture seemed like a great thing to study. But in the process of education I realized that architecture is 90% math and other 10% is designing cool things, as I was only interested in creative side of the work I thought it would be reasonable to switch to art and illustration.

SV: What are some pieces you are most proud of?

Vasya:I love all of my works in some way, sometimes I found pieces created 3-4 years ago and they feel really ‘primitive’ and childish-like but I still love them. At this point I can say I’m proud of my iridescent technique/style, to me it is like a new tool, which I have fun playing with.

SV: Where would you love to see your art displayed one day?

Vasya: I don’t know, Kanye’s house maybe? haha

Check out more of Vasya Kolotusha's work on his H+ page!



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