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Tiago Majuelos is a Digital Illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain. His vibrant digital illustrations and animated shorts are influenced by his experience as an engineer, graffiti artist and product designer. Tiago draws inspiration from traveling, mythology, and street art.

H+: Describe your work in 3 words to someone that has never seen it.

Tiago: 2D Colorful composition. H+: How would you define your color palette? What are your current favorite color combinations? Tiago: I use a basic palette of 3 to 6 colors. I want them to be vibrant and collaborate with each other, then I line it in black. I change my favorite combos but they always include a cold color a warm color, black and white. Right now, I love Orange and Blue. H+: How long have you been creating illustration work in this particular style? Tiago: About a year or so, but I've been doing things like this since '97 H+: How does your experience as a graffiti artist and an engineer influence the way you perceive space and how does it affect your illustration work? Tiago: A lot, graffiti taught me about colors, looseness and how having fun while doing a piece will be reflected in the work. Engineering taught me about control, composition and organization. H+: In your body of work, Mythology Series, you incorporate Greek iconography onto familiar consumer goods while subliminally retelling a mythical tale. How do you relate to the mythological gods in your illustrations? Tiago: I just fell in love with Greek mythology. I love how Greeks included myths and gods into their everyday objects. I did the same but with current consumer goods. H+: Is there a Greek God, creature, or fable you relate to or look to for inspiration/guidance? Tiago: Actually the inspiration/guidance [of the work] was the City of Rome, all the great sculptures and mosaics of their ancient Gods (new versions of the Greek ones but basically the same). Buuuut I love Zeus. The god of gods, The best. H+: Your work, Internet God Vase, depicts a Greek Vase with ‘Free WIFI’ at the top of an ‘urban city’ setting with people on their phones, laptops, and Segways. If you could describe our current technology generation in one word, what would it be? Tiago: Internet H+: You seem to be very well traveled. Where do you focus most of your attention when traveling to a new place? Tiago: I love to travel! I focus on art, food, local culture, drawings, logos, hand-painted stuff, graffiti and many other things I see walking around the streets. H+: What is your favorite thing about Barcelona? Tiago: I love the weather and the fact that we have mountains and sea at the same time. H+: How many languages can you speak? Tiago: Spanish, Catalan, English and a little bit of Portuguese. View more of Tiago's work on his H+ page!

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