MEET THE ARTIST: NINA HAWKINS - Quick questions with H+

February 13, 2019


Get to know a little more about one H+'s newest extended family members, photographer and image maker NINA HAWKINS!


H+: Tell me three words to define your style in your work.

NINA: Nocturnal, exaggerated, metaphorical



H+: What do you prefer to shoot, what is your ideal location, model, project? 

NINA: I prefer shooting things that are breaking beauty and gender stereotypes, anything that is crossing boundaries of the word “normal”. In fact, i'm absolutely bored with “normality”. I love androgynous and unique faces, unconventional beauty, geometric and bold locations. Ideal dream project would be shooting for top fashion houses and music labels


. . . . .


H+: Your work often features contrasting colors and sharp edges. What are some of your favorite textures or compositions? 

NINA: I don’t really discriminate against textures =)  I love them all in any forms and materials - from silky and fluid (smoke, silk, velvet) to rough and bulky (huge geometric constructions). I try to think in lines and shapes in terms of composition, I love both symmetry and asymmetry and use of negative space but I tend to center the focus of attention more often as well


. . . . . 




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