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Meet H+ family member Martin Salfity! Martin is a 3D artist and Animation Director based in London, England. His work focuses on abstract and playful worlds, where a mixture of textures, shapes, and colors connect the viewer with more familiar visual territories in art, science, nature, technology, and fashion.

H+: What goals do you have creatively this year?

MARTIN: A couple of years ago I decided to move from being an executor to become a creator. This is a very slow process, means that every decision you make will affect your immediate future, the fewer mistakes, the faster you move.

H+: What are some artists that you look up to or inspire you?

MARTIN: Ann Veronica Janssens and James Turrell. I'm in love with their approach into light, movement, space.

. . . . .

H+: What music have you been listening to lately? Do you prefer working with music or silence?

MARTIN: Living in the UK is very interesting in terms of music, it's an infinite source of incredible talent. I personally like Max Cooper and Daniel Avery very much. Music and motion have a lot in common so yes, I definitely listen to a lot of music while working, it's very inspiring.

. . . . .

H+: What do you do on a day off? Do you ever have a day off??

MARTIN: Of course, I do especially if I'm traveling and don't have a workstation I can access :) I really enjoy cooking. There's something magical there and also very creative. Playing with different textures, colors and flavors it's one of my favorites things.

. . . . .

H+: What is your creative routine or method for your art?

MARTIN: Sitting down and doing it.

. . . . .

H+: What inspires you most as you're creating your art?

MARTIN: Sitting down again and doing it again.

. . . . .

H+: Tell me about your recent Squidgy series, what was the basis for that?

MARTIN: I've been obsessed for years with the idea of creating a digital clay or slime. One day I finally learned how to do it and started playing with it. The process was very straight forward, I just had a lot of fun making the slime moving around in different spaces to finally put them all together in a film.

. . . . .

H+: Do you have significant experiences that have propelled your career in the arts?

MARTIN: One of my aunts Elsa was a sculptor and fine artist in my hometown Salta, in the north of Argentina, so I've spent some time as a kid in her studio. When I started uni, my sister Ivana was already into the arts so help me a lot to see that as a plausible thing to do. I studied audiovisual design in Buenos Aires and worked in many different studios around the globe for the past 10 years.

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