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We are happy to announce our newest member of the H+ family, Mishko!

Mishko aka Nevan Doyle has been creating as long as he can remember. He prides himself on his attention to detail and efficiency and is constantly challenging himself to make each piece stronger than the last. "I often take a more collaborative approach, keeping the client in the loop every step of the way. With this, I am able to take the client's vision above and beyond to create something eye catching and inspiring. I am proud to have worked with clients from across the globe."

Meet the artist- Mishko in conversation with H+ Creative.

H+: Describe your aesthetic in one sentence:

M: I created a niche style for myself that I call psychedelic glitch art.

H+: What is your ideal workspace environment?

M: Ideal workspace is totally dependent on the day. Sometimes I like full isolation, other times I crave the energy of others while working. As long as there are some plants, music, and good vibes, I'm typically down for whatever.​ H+: What are you currently listening to or what music do you listen to while you are working?

M: Lately I've been listening to mostly Bedroom/Experimental Pop and Hip-Hop. I love dreamy stuff with some slappin' beats to keep the groove going. Still Woozy and Anderson Paak are probably my biggest listens currently.

H+: What is your favorite thing about Portland?

M: Honestly, after growing up here, I'm over the entirety of Oregon hahaha. That being said, I think my favorite thing about Portland is something someone told me when I first moved up there. "Portland is a laboratory where you figure out what works and what doesn't before you move on to something bigger." I'd say that's really true. It's a small enough city that as long as you have enough interest and passion, you can basically work your way into anywhere. Like last year I found myself walking down the runway in a fashion show for a local designer. I now feel like I could confidently audition for most any fashion show after that lil bit of experience. Also due to the size of Portland, if you mess up, the repercussions can be a lot smaller. It's a great place to fuck up, learn, and grow! H+: How long does it normally take you to make a piece?

M: I spend anywhere between 30 minutes and three hours on a piece typically. Since I've been working in photoshop near daily for 7 years now, I've figured out a lot of ways to boost my efficiency. This has especially helped me in the merchandise game where turnaround time can even be same day at times. H+: Who are your biggest inspirations?

M: Biggest inspiration is easily Donald Glover/Childish Gambino. I basically want to do everything that he's accomplished so far. It's exciting seeing that you really can dip your toes into every creative realm you want as long as you have the mind and team for it. As far as more art/design specific, I really look up to Samuel Burgess Johnson. His layouts are always incredible—striking that sweet spot between classic and cutting edge. I've looked to him since I first found his work years ago. H+: Why did you choose digital art as your medium?

M: I started off with photography on a little point and shoot as a kid. My dad showed me Google's Picasa and I got way into the editing side of things basically immediately after. Since I was developing my photography/composition skills at the same time as my digital editing skills, it always remained a major part of my workflow. Also my hands can be shit at times with craft stuff haha. For some reason, I usually prefer the less tactile approach. It allows me to feel more free with my experimentation because everything is easily undone or redone. ​ H+: Who would your dream project be with? (Person or company or brand)

M: I want to design album artwork for Kendrick Lamar. I feel like that's my biggest dream in the design world still. As much as my design stuff has been popping off though, it will always remain a secondary passion to my music. So maybe scratch the designing album art for Kendrick—I want to produce a song for Kendrick. That's my dream project now.

H+: What is your favorite typeface at the moment?

M: Please hate me for this but I almost exclusively use Helvetica Neue like some kinda basic bitch. It's just so classic looking and I feel like I get my favorite results manipulating that type face over any others.

H+: What are your favorite color combinations?

M: I have my color palette DOWN. Color is one of the biggest ways I've set myself apart from others in my opinion. These hues are all I really wanna see: Turquoise, Mustard Yellow, Red/Pink, Indigo/Lavender, Blue is aight at times, Orange (like an orange cream or red-orange please). Any combo of these and you basically have the entirety of my work from the past few years.

H+: What do you do when you need a break from the computer?

M: When I take a break, if it's nice out I like goin on a short walk. If nah then maybe play some guitar/work on a beat, chat with anyone that will listen to me, maybe smoke a lil ganja (It's legal now so I can say this without being THAT guy right?) and then get back to it. Freelancing is great because I feel like I generally just procrastinate until the last minute possible and then bust everything out without any breaks haha

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