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Meet Miriam Persand! Miriam is an illustrator, graphic designer and cartoonist based in Madrid, Spain. Her colorful works are inspired by pop culture and art history, always focused on creating a connection between the image and the viewer.

H+: What are some artists that you look up to or inspire you?

MP: The list of artists that inspire me is crazy long. But just to name a few I’ll say I love the work of Ana Galvañ, Leonie Bos and Allison Filice.


H+: What goals do you have creatively this year?

MP: I am learning motion graphics on a deeper level and I am also writing my second comic book. At this moment I am hungry for new adventures.


H+: What is your creative routine or method for your art?

MP: I start writing ideas in my notebook or doing some online research. I draw some quick sketches straight to the computer, then I finish the drafts and start to add color and the final lines.


H+: What are you currently listening to or do you listen to music while you are working?

MP: I listen to a little of everything and I love recommendations. Right now I’m listening to a playlist that has music by Bad Bunny, Tommy Genesis, Janelle Monae, The Internet...

I love singing while working, it makes me happy, although if what I’m doing requires more concentration I prefer instrumental music.


H+: You have such fun color palettes and animal characters! What inspired you to create these scenes?

MP: I am fascinated by Franz Marc’s artwork, so I think I started painting animals because of that.

I usually insert pop culture references in my work whenever the project allows. This way I try to create a dialog with the viewer, like when you are talking to a friend about this tv show or that place you both went to.

I like to combine seemingly unrelated ideas and see how they can intermingle to create something new.


H+: How long does it normally take you to make a piece?

MP: It depends on the project, if it’s an illustration and the idea is clear from the beginning I work fast, I like to spend more time thinking on the concept than drawing.


H+: Why did you choose digital art as your medium?

MP: I guess I like it because it’s faster and shinier.


H+: Who would your dream project be with? (Person or company or brand)

MP: I love drawing cars since I was a child so I guess that working for a nice car brand would be neat.


H+: If you could see your art anywhere in the world, where would it be?

MP: When I made a campaign about for my City Hall (Madrid) and it was all around the city in buses, posters and screens I was the happiest person alive. So I guess that something bigger would make me even happier.


H+: What advice would you give to people that look up to you or are interested in beginning to illustrate/make digital art?

MP: Never hesitate to ask questions, watch tutorials and draw a lot of the things you enjoy.

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