Nevan Doyle for Adobe Spark

August 13, 2019

H+ Creative Nevan Doyle created dreamy backgrounds and trippy catch-phrases for Adobe Spark

Adobe asked Nevan what inspires his work and creative process. Read on below for his response.


What inspires you and what guides your creative process? 


Honestly, everything inspires me. My creative process varies from piece to piece, but usually I’m inspired by my life experiences. I’ll play off whatever word comes to mind from my day and then I just type out the word or phrase and let it go where it goes.


I typically start in Photoshop and end up bouncing around a few mobile apps before bringing it back into Photoshop to get some interesting effects and ideas down. 


When it comes to composition, I used to religiously study photography and especially the rule of thirds. Sometimes now I find myself turning on the grid or setting up guides, but at this point composition is such an intuitive part of my process I’m learning to trust my eye over anything. Plus, the most exciting things are usually mistakes, so it’s important to me to not try and force anything too much. Instead, I play off each move and kinda improv the whole thing. 


Since most of my pieces end up in the public sphere, my work feels like important therapy. It’s a way to tell my truths and connect on a deeper level to the people following my art. 


What’s your process for designing album covers for bands?


At this point in my career, most artists or bands that reach out want to work with me specifically, so it helps to get references of my work that really spoke to the client. I listen to their music and gather any direction the band may have. I do a round of sketches and initial drafts so we can focus in on the ideas that resonate the most. Album art can take me anywhere from a day or two to months depending on the artist and the timeline.


Is it important for musicians to learn to create visuals and branding to go with their music? 

More than anything, it’s important to follow your passion. The only reason a musician would NEED to create their own visuals is if they can’t afford to hire someone else. I’ve always been equally into visual and auditory art, so it was a natural pairing. It helps me to stand out further from the crowd because I can create nearly all the content on my own needed for a music tour.  


Any tips for using social media to build clients and a fanbase? 


Social media is everything. I credit Instagram with really starting my path towards being a full-time freelancer. All my best work and my favorite work has come from a potential client stumbling upon a piece of mine that really catches their attention. 


Think of each post as an ad for yourself. How do you want to be represented? What kind of work do you want to be doing? 


Post every day, ideally around the same time each day. And, even if it makes you cringe, use the hashtag game. 


To succeed, it’s best to have a consistent and unique style. People will be more likely to follow you if they feel you have something new and exciting to offer. This has helped me get new client work. People see my work and feel like it would fit with the campaign or project they’re working on. I’ve worked hard to develop a style that I feel is near universal. 


Any advice for artists starting out on social media?


Experiment and make something every dang day! Steal—but not too much, and try to make it your own. Tutorials are fun, but it’s equally important to just try out new techniques and see what the heck happens. I rarely have a plan when going into one of my pieces. Each one takes a unique path to get to the finished product. Just put yourself out there genuinely and if you have the passion and drive, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.











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