Primitive Skateboards New Deck Collaboration with H+'s Fvckrender

February 5, 2020



H+ Creative's rockstar FVCKRENDER teamed up with Primitive Skateboards to release a limited edition deck. Primitive was founded by Paul Rodriguez after his split from Plan B. The first decks he made sold out in under one minute, showing exactly what this brand does to set it apart. Since kicking things off, Primitive has found great partnerships with artists and skaters, as well as creating trendy boards with images from Naruto and Rick and Morty. 


FVCKRENDER's released two designs with the skate brand, both of which have sold out. The first one was created in collaboration with Canadian-skater, Wade Desarmo. FVCKRENDER's 3D designs shows the diligence of skaters - he posts new renders every day and is always pushing into new spaces of art. This design shows one of his classic metallic figures in a futuristic color palate. 



FVCKRENDER also created a board with founder Paul Rodriguez which features a hyper-neon green board and his signature metallic cobra. It comes with a warning: "Be careful with whom you confide in. Watch out for snakes, liars, and backstabbers."







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