WRLD.SPACE on Digital Food in Augmented Reality

February 14, 2020


H+ Creative artist WRLD.SPACE was recently interviewed by Screen Shot magazine for an article entitled, 'What is Digital Food?'. Digital food is a new term encompasses all the ways we share food on social media, apps that reduce food waste IRL through games, and AR filters that project food into spaces. The latter is Wrld.Space's speciality. 


The most recent addition to the H+ Creative, Wrld.Space creates filters and lenses that feature all kinds of playful ideas - especially food. In the interview he says:


Food culture has always been a big subject on Instagram. So has fashion. This has really inspired me to explore the idea of food as fashion. I loved the idea of people wearing their favourite food. With augmented reality technology we have the ability to do this.


He also says:


I am a huge foodie myself. Combining food, fashion and technology was a sweet spot for me. I think the reason my filters have almost 2 billion impressions is that food is something people identify with. It’s a universal subject, and it is what brings people and cultures together.


Wrld.Space's filters are available on Instagram and Snapchat.

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