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Catch H+ Creative at Le Book Connections

H+ Creative is looking forward to connecting with other creatives and creators at this year's Le Book CONNECTIONS WEST COAST 2020:

Thursday, February 27th



Studio A 6121 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

CA 90028

Connections is a way for agencies, production companies, VR/AR and VFX studios to interface in person. With all of us orbiting each other in this very digital industry, it's a great way to connect. Le Book is in their twelfth year of throwing these events with multiple international meet-ups every year. The event provides a jury of experts to look over the work and judge what is presented. We're excited to bring our work and artists to the Los Angeles event this year alongside names like Happy Finish, Curve Digital, Steelworks, Day Reps, Apostrophe, and more.

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