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New single drop! Mishko's lyric video "Go" is out now

H+ Creative Mishko has been creating for as long as he can remember, and his attention to detail never goes unnoticed. He can often be found bringing clients’ visions to life in the form of album artwork, visualizers, and teaser animations, but this time he exercised the opportunity to create a video project of his own.

H+: What drove you to create this lyric video?

M: It's been something I've meant to do since releasing the track honestly. It's always been important to me that when I release music, there are visuals to match. With everything going on, now seemed like the best time to finally take a stab at it!

H+: Your lyrics seem very personal. What do you find yourself writing about the most?

M: My lyrics are often a snapshot of how I've been feeling, things I've been processing, etc. I most often find myself gravitating towards reflections on relationships, mental health, and connections to nature, specifically water/the ocean.

H+: When bringing these sounds to life, what do you draw inspiration from?

M: There's no definitive answer here. I'm equally influenced by classic rock, hip hop/rnb beats, trippy electronic music, and the audio of an old distorted VHS tape. When producing a track, I start with one sound (whether it's some guitar chords, a spacey atmospheric synth, or a trap beat) and improv based on what I hear as more layers build up. Each song is really just me jamming with myself.

H+: As you continue to grow as a musician, what new aspects of your work are exciting to you?

M: I cannot wait to start playing shows and go on tour! I've been in a few bands, but have yet to perform my solo material. I have a lot of plans for the live visuals and look forward to pumping up crowds and getting everyone dancing. Performance is a huge outlet of expression that I currently don't express enough. I also would love to bridge some of the gaps between my art and music. For example, it'd be really neat to create a title sequence, and then score it as well. Overall, getting more into the film/tv industry is another big goal of mine.

H+: We all need creative motivation from time to time. Have any advice to share?

M: Diversify your approaches! It can be really easy to get stuck in a rut. Trying out a new technique/software/tool is a great way to get ideas flowing. When writing songs, sometimes I'll start on my guitar, other times in Logic on my computer, and surprisingly, lately I've been using Garageband (it's free btw) on my iPad for a lot of my beats! Keeping it fresh will keep the stale away. :)

You can watch the full lyric video here:

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