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Jason Ebeyer's sci-fi inspired animations for Steve Aoki and Icona Pop

H+ Creative artist Jason Ebeyer is endlessly pushing the capabilities of modeling and animation in his dynamic work, this time in the form of a full length music video for legendary Steve Aoki and the Icona Pop girls. We took a moment to tap into Jason’s brain and discuss his process with a little Q&A about the project.

H+: You have a great element of sci-fi and cyberpunk fashion in your work. Where do you draw inspiration from when creating these worlds?

J: There is a heavy influence from Sci-Fi and Horror in my visuals. It honestly probably throws back to growing up and we used to have the old Ghost in the Shell anime on VHS which I would watch religiously. From there I really became interested in this sort of post society aesthetic. My outlook on this environment changes frequently, sometimes the worlds are a beautiful utopia and other times they can be dark and gritty.

H+: Discovered any new favorite programs or technologies lately?

J: Yeah so I'm actually starting to learn how to create interactive spaces and characters within Unreal Engine. I'm no where near at a point where I can do anything impressive but I'm really hoping to put together something over the next few months - stick with me on this one.

H+: Are there any dream clients out there you haven't worked with yet?

J: Oh yeah for sure! It's such a gay cliche but I really want to work with Gaga. I feel like we could make something really sick together for this new album cycle. Just putting that out into the universe.

Engage in a fully captivating hyper-futuristic dance party with all of Jason's characters to the poppy hit 'I Love My Friends,' with Steve Aoki and the girls:

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