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Coping with COVID-19: Q&A with Vasya Kolotusha

H+ Creative Vasya Kolotusha is a Ukrainian digital illustrator and artist based in Cherkasy, Ukraine. His portfolio of work includes a range of clients from Elton John to Adidas, and his contemporary visions are often saturated with vibrant neons and smooth metallics.

We know that Vasya is accustomed to a work-from-home environment, so we thought we’d reach out and ask if he’d like to share some words of wisdom on how to get through weird times in a COVID-19 world.

H+: We love a good home office. Tell us about your workspace!

V: My workspace is pretty minimalistic- desk with two monitors, graphic tablet and my pc, audio interface and studio monitors-basically all I need for work.

H+: How does a daily practice of isolation and social distancing impact your working world?

V: I've been working from home last 4-5 years, so it hasn't changed much for me. I'm getting more collab proposals from other artists, people want to channel their free time into something creative.

H+: Now that we have limited access to nature and social settings, what do you do to exercise your brain and stay inspired?

V: I listen to audiobooks, go out for a run sometimes, I have a river and park within walking distance from home so nature helps a lot as well

H+: Have you discovered any hidden talents you can offer to potential clients looking for remote assistance?

V: Well, now I have more time and patience for all those revisions and edits haha.

H+: This has been an overwhelming and stressful time for so many people. Can you share some advice for coping while being a creative?

V: You could spend more time talking to your family and friends instead of reading news. As it turned out home workouts can be a fun thing too. If you dreamed of learning how to play guitar, new language or a software-this is the best time to start.

H+: Everyone needs a solid playlist to listen to while staying on task. Name your favorite music to work to!

V: I often just click on some random DJ set on YouTube, the last one I really liked is Teki Latex' Boiler room, and this one is a real gem

You can see more of Vasya's work by giving him a follow at @kolotooosha

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