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Coping with COVID-19: SMECCEA

SMECCEA is a motion designer based in Vancouver whose work often examines abstract ideas, spirituality, and self discovery. She grounds her work based on careful introspection, always drawn to working in many creative mediums. We ask her questions on how she's been coping with the restrictions of COVID-19 and staying home:

H+: We love a good home office. Tell us about your workspace! S: My workspace is separate from my bedroom, like keeping things away from each other as I've always worked from home. I keep at least 20-30 indoor plants around me all easy to take care of with some tower crystals to minimize radiation from wifi box all in all my workspace is extremely minimal PC set up, Playstation controller for occasional gaming, plants, crystals I like my desk to be clear at all times no snacks no food no decoration.

H+: How does a daily practice of isolation and social distancing impact your working world? S: It really hasn’t changed much for me I now only get delivered groceries instead of going into the store, as well as other goods that just order online now like clothes, electronics and all that I am pretty blessed to be living in BC where nature is everywhere and thats where I take my walks and do my run/workout and meditation I also have a small yard that I do morning breathing and yoga in.

H+: Now that we have limited access to nature and social settings, what do you do to exercise your brain and stay inspired? S: Well I do live by a very large forest/river and its mainly empty or there are very few people I tend to go for walks or stay in my back yard atm I am doing a lot of yard work lots of the spring plants are coming back to life and planting some seeds and can also purchase seeds pots and all thats stuff online, I just have a lot from previous years.

H+: Have you discovered any hidden talents you can offer to potential clients looking for remote assistance? S: Not particularly but I am getting into new softwares and skillsets atm to help expand my workflow that can be helping alot of clients who want an array of things done with the same artist and all done without having to do photoshoots outside or booking large groups of production studios.

H+: This has been an overwhelming and stressful time for so many people. Can you share some advice for coping while being a creative? S: Meditation is an amazing tool to be able to learn more about yourself it might be hard at the beginning but it really helped me through anxious times I recommend the app insight timer which you can get guided and music meditation as well as talks, ive been getting into colouring books, yoga and other things I can be present away from my PC machine and phone to have fun.

H+: Everyone needs a solid playlist to listen to while staying on task. Name your favorite music to work to! S: I typically like it to be quiet while working however recently listen to music while doing lighting or texturing final stages of 3D work and this wont be everyones cup of tea but I listen to a lot of sosa here is my own playlist:

For more on H+ Creative's SMECCEA: Visit her Website and Follow on Socials

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