FVCKRENDER's latest animation for ANTIBOY's 'Good Enough' entrances with a nameless figured surrounded by chains in a mystical forest. As the butterflies begin in synchronize it's flight pattern and hope begins to build the song begins with ANTIBOY expressing his thoughts on not being able to do anymore.

Hands are met within grasping one another of a saturated orb.Other scenes of this visualizer takes us to an unknown desert met by two oddly still heads in view reflecting off a green light invisible to the viewer.

The entire energy of the animation screams FVCKRENDER, from the use of chains, to the unique lighting with minimal subsurface scattering. H+ Artist Frédéric Duquette continues to bring us his unique style that differentiates him from the others.

For more information on FVCKRENDER, visit his website and follow him on socials.



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