SMECCEA's Enchanting Atmosphere for Adobe MAX, a Virtual Conference Event

Adobe MAX is a uniquely immersive and engaging virtual conference held by Adobe. For three days, speakers, celebrities, musical talents, and artists gather for over 350+ sessions, exploring ideas, creativity, inspiration, and more. Equipped with live chats and interactive features, Max aims to bring all creatives virtually together.

H+ Artist, Shams Meccea created an enchanting animation as part of their intro video, located on the main page of the event. Toggling her signature cool colors of purple-blue lighting the crystals that read "MAX" contrasted by the warm tones of the leaves, SMECCEA embodies the true atmosphere of creavity for this virtual event. Here a some words she had to say about the piece:

"This piece was created from the many adventures I take in the forest close to my home, I find that anytime I need something to stand out nature never disappoints which is largely what inspired this piece and how nature has a constant birth and death cycle happening everyday and every year I used the broken object technique to symbolize ruins and running water to symbolize continuity and the lush grass grass to symbolize life within rocks and ruins, I love crystals and had to make that the main texture of the MAX logo that gives it a very powerful light energy that ties everything together, as a whole this piece means to me a perfect eco system that thrives with many elements of nature."

- Shams Meccea

For more information on SMECCEA, visit her website and follow her on socials!



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