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'INCARNATION' Opening Reception Recap - Available until July 2nd

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our friends at Vellum LA, as well as our visionary founder and curator, Hannah Stouffer. The entire H+ Creative team has played an integral role in bringing this exhibition to life, and we are incredibly grateful for their dedication. Furthermore, we are astounded by the remarkable talent showcased by all the artists involved, whose contributions have left us visually entranced.

Running until July 2, 2023, "INCARNATION" invites visitors on an introspective journey through the depths of the human imagination. The artists featured in this exhibition primarily operate within the digital realm, skillfully exploring the concept of embodiment through the use of abstracted imagery, ethereal bodies, spiritualization, and disembodiment. By presenting physical forms that challenge our conventional notions of humanness, these artists provoke new perspectives on sexuality, spirituality, and the perception of the physical body.

The roster of artists assembled for "INCARNATION" is nothing short of exceptional. Prepare to be mesmerized by the thought-provoking works of Blake Kathryn, Bloowoods, Chad Knight, Jason Ebeyer, Flesh Dozer x Simon M. Ward, Xonorika, Nino Cence, Paulina Almira, Render Fruit, and Rzarekt. Each artist brings their unique vision and artistic expertise to the exhibition, creating a diverse tapestry of interpretations that will captivate your senses.

Throughout the ages, the representation of the human form, mortal bodies, and the essence of flesh has been transcribed across various artistic mediums. In our present-day context, the notion of incarnation is approached paradoxically, diverging from its original meaning. Artists working within the digital realm embrace this paradox, infusing their works with glimpses of human qualities. Through abstraction, otherworldly aesthetics, and the exploration of spirituality and disembodiment, they challenge the boundaries of our perception. In "INCARNATION," physical forms are arranged in new and unexpected ways, offering fresh viewpoints on sexuality, spirituality, and our understanding of the physical body.

By expanding beyond the archaic definition of incarnation as "taking on flesh," the artists in this exhibition reveal the boundless possibilities that a fleshy form can embody. Through their masterful manipulation of materials, textures, and concepts, they redefine the limits of artistic expression and encourage us to reconsider our own understanding of humanity.


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