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Vincent Viriot for #VisaLiveAtLouvre

Vincent Viriot, better known as FMK7, recently showcased his exceptional talent by creating three distinct busts for the artists performing at the Louvre Museum as part of the #VisaLiveAtLouvre event. Each bust reflects the personality of the performers while retaining a visual coherence through the use of natural stone or marble textures and similar animation movements when the busts crack apart.

For headliner Post Malone, FMK7 created a personalized bust that captures his edgy, contemporary style, reimagined through classical sculpture techniques.

Ayra Starr's bust features a classic marble design with golden kintsugi details, set against a backdrop of ancient Greek columns and a celestial starry sky, embodying her ethereal and timeless presence.

RaiNao's bust stands out with its feline alter ego inspiration, featuring cat ears on an antique-style sculpture that gives her a regal and fantastical aura, reminiscent of a Sphinx.

These sculptures, used across web, on-site banners, and giant LED screens during the performances, not only honor the individuality of each artist but also enhance the cultural richness of the Louvre Museum's artistic landscape. Vincent Viriot and Artpoint are delighted to announce their contribution to this star-studded concert, celebrating the unique talents of Post Malone, Ayra Starr, and RaiNao.

For more infomation on Vincent Viriot, visit his portfolio page!


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